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Our Process

As Total Solution Provider, NetTech brings to the table cutting edge skills encompassing all aspects of the CBS implementation thus providing the client with a single point of engagement avoiding the need for multiple agencies to deal with. The Process model followed for Core Banking & other Solution implementation is broadly on following lines.

  • Engage & Document

    The client organization is engaged in interaction at various levels to understand their solution needs, pain areas & core functional needs. The same is documented & product walk through (PWT) is done for system familiarization & business requirement (BR) analysis. Project teams & SPOC are finalized along with timelines for various activities.

  • Convert & Analyze

    Bank now provides test data for conversion & we start with creating the conversion tools. After the test data is converted a PWT is done again to show the bank the existing functionalities. Based on their BR, the bank will give a written list of missing functionality (GAP analysis) and reports to NetTech with physical hard copies of the report with required priorities. NetTech will study the gap analysis provided by the bank and either show the bank where the extra functionality exists or add it to a Gap Document. After studying the GAP, Bank will be intimated the feasibility & timelines for the GAPs to be incorporated which has to be accepted by Bank. After the UAT is over, migration takes place.

  • Migrate & Implement

    One of the most critical part of the implementation relates to data migration from legacy disparate systems to the new centralized one. The migration tool is again fine tuned to include the data features / parameters and specifications of the source systems & additional BR. Test migration is again done to validate for accuracy, precision and completeness followed by full scale migration. The client project team is trained for first level support & implementation.
    There are two approaches to data migration.
    a) Full scale Migration - Under this approach, the entire data of the Bank is migrated to the CBS system in one go.
    b) Phased Migration - Under phased migration a branch/select list of bank's businesses are taken and migrated initially. Based on the success of migration and quantum of problems / issues encountered, other branches and departments of the bank are taken up for implementation.

  • Post Live Support

    Once the pilot site goes live, hand holding support is provided for two days to mitigate issues encountered during operations. Subsequent branches & HO are then taken up for implementation as per schedule jointly by the client & NetTech project teams. Centralised support is available throughout working hours along with mail & phone support. A framework is designed on managing defects and resolution timelines for the same.

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