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Today, customers want more than a bank. They want a financial partner who is available to them on their terms, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow. Banks who do not adapt to these changing customer needs are unlikely to survive in this changing scenario. Realizing, the need of the hour, Banks of all sizes are now making a move towards Core Banking Solutions.

However, the hurdles being faced by the Cooperative Banks to move to CBS are the huge capital expenditure , technology obsolescence and lack of skilled technical resources to run the CBS . The need of the hour is a solution provider, who can effectively take care of all three above aspects.

Here is where NETTECH steps in with its SHAAS (Software, Hardware As A Service) model of CBS.

Our SHASS service offering combines Application & System software, hardware, infrastructure and networking technologies including deployment, monitoring and management of the same to deliver the hosted applications as a "service" on a rental basis in lieu of customer ownership and management of these applications.

Under this arrangement, we totally manage all IT related services concerned with deployment and running of the CBS at your Bank from our Data center. The entire service is on a rental basis and encompasses all IT related activities of the Bank, freeing the Bank to concentrate on their Core activity of Banking.

Core banking Software on SHAAS is OMNIEnterprise™, the most trusted & implemented CBS solution in the Cooperative sector, a comprehensive enterprise wide solution in the centralized scenario meant for Retail, Trade Finance and Treasury Back Office automation with fully integrated electronic delivery channels and a data warehousing based Decision Support System. InfrasoftTech has a completely integrated yet modular banking solution suite.

  • * SHAAS Offerings to Banks
  • * Data Center & Disaster Recovery Center.
  • * Common Software application.
  • * Performance and fine tuning of the system.
  • * Highly developed modules with least customization needs.
  • * User Training.
  • * Necessary changes at Branch H/W level for CBS.
  • * Reports like OSS etc, which are required by statutory authorities.
  • * Branch Implementation.
  • * Connectivity between branches, HO & data center.
  • * SLA & NDA.

  • * SHAAS Benefits to Banks
  • * No capital expenditure so lower total cost of ownership.
  • * Capital saved can be utilized elsewhere to generate more funds.
  • * Cutting edge technology adaption at least cost.
  • * No heavy expenditure on IT skilled manpower.
  • * Automatically receive upgrades & options in reports and service.
  • * Better utilization of available manpower.
  • * Can focus on core business of Banking.

Our data center is compliant with the requirement of a tier 3 D C.

Critical system like power, cooling etc in the data center is designed as N+1 redundancy as required under tier III architecture. This allows planned maintenance with near nil downtime through a fully concurrently maintainable design.

Power supply from utility service provider is provisioned with D G sets of adequate capacity.

Cooling system also has n+1 redundancy. The air conditioning systems is Precision system as well as Comfort ACs. They are designed such that they can handle the data center's maximum IT heat load, and function normally in extreme ambient conditions. Concurrent maintainability is ensured at all component levels.

Server racks have redundant power distribution boxes. Servers are HP blade servers with additional servers to take over in case of any server failure. The servers have redundant power supply features so that they can connect to the power distribution boxes. Network components like routers are also with redundancy.

To summarize NetTech data center is designed to meet the prime requirements of redundancy and concurrent availability as specified for tier 3 data centers.

  • * Two utility paths (active and passive)
  • * Redundant power and cooling systems
  • * Redundant service providers
  • * Able to sustain 72-hour power outage
  • * Allows for concurrent maintenance
  • * 99.982% availability

Any bank with Core Banking Solution with 24 X 7 transaction banking capabilities with ATM or no ATM can now join the National Financial Switch (NFS) through a sponsor bank & a technical Service Provider. This would facilitate even the non- scheduled Urban Co-op Banks and Regional Rural Banks to have access to the National network of 90,000 + ATMs in the country.

For the tie up with NFS of NPCI, a Bank needs a sponsor bank & a service provider as technology partner. As per NPCI direction the Bank should have an ATM switch/ HSM for routing the transaction to NPCI or can use the shared services of an ASP vendor.

NetTech in association with InfrasoftTech will take care of the technical aspect like the ATM switch, HSM module, interfacing with NPCI, MIS report etc.

These services will be provided to Bank on ASP model, thereby enabling the Bank to avail the services at minimal cost & provide this additional facility to its customers.

The transaction flow is as under:

  • 1. The txn done by your customer on any NFS ATM will be routed to NPCI NFS switch through acquirer Banks switch.
  • 2. NFS switch will query the liquidity manager for availability of limits in your account with sponsor Bank.
  • 3. If the limit is not available the transaction is declined.
  • 4. If liquidity manager approves, the query is routed to our Data Center which queries the customer's account balance in your data base.
  • 5. Depending on the availability of funds in account the txn is approved or declined.

Your Bank will have to open an account with Sponsor Bank & has to enter into an agreement. We shall assist you for the same by coordinating with the sponsor Bank (ICICI). Your bank will then become a sub-member. The sponsor Bank will be the settlement banker for all txn carried out by your customers on the NFS network.

Cheque truncation is the process in which the physical movement of cheque within a bank, between banks or between banks and the clearing house is curtailed or eliminated, being replaced in whole or in part, by electronic records of their content (with or without the images) for further processing and transmission.

The Banks have to decide whether they will adopt the centralized mode or at branch levels. Accordingly, the printing hardware & software has to be procured & cheques to be printed in the prescribed pre approved format.

We provide the Banks the option to outsource to us the CTS activity in full or part.

Our solution offering includes the printer hardware suitable to bank's volumes, CTS software integrated to CBS application & required peripherals.

The Bank can avail the solution on ASP basis or on ownership model.

Nettech offers the following options to Co-op Banks:

  • * Browser based CBS solution Omni software,Mumbai on lease rental basis or on outright purchase basis.
  • * Total Hardware solutions on lease rental basis or on outright purchase basis.
  • * Total CBS solution on turnkey basis.
  • * Data Centre Services on lease rental basis or on outright purchase basis. Bank will have the option whether to create their own Data Centre at their premises or they can outsource from Nettech. Several Coop Banks are hiring the services of Nettech Data Centre for their CBS operations
  • * Facility Management services/AMC Services.
  • * Customized Solution & Reports.

Benefit to Banks

  • * Any solution mentioned above can be purchased or leased out in annual installments.
  • * You can implement the solution in a phased manner as per the Banks cash-flow plan.
  • * We have the expertise to re-engineer your existing hardware for reuse with windows systems, to the maximum possible extent, to protect your current investment in Hardware.

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